A high fashion label with a vision to make positive change


A fun and playful summer collection, with an edge of sophistication and style. We love luxury fabrics and cute colorful prints. Our  feminine shapes and minimalist style portrays light hearted fun and effortless beauty.


We offer quality handmade garments, beautifully tailored. You will see our silk garments are carefully sewn and finished with french seams. Our range boasts a gorgeous selection of beautiful Vietnamese silks. We use an excelptional quality silk which when looked after well will last well.


We care about the people who make our garments, in fact that is why we started  business. The skills the Vietnamese woman who make our garments have are exceptional. And the lives they have lived have been hard. The workshop pays them well so they can support their families. We carefully consider our customers, our producers and the impact we have on our enviroment. 

We use natural fibres and are conscious to use minimal packaging and recycled products where possible. 



Our boutique workshop in Ho Chi Min was established by a collaboration of anti-trafficking alliances. After woman in unforeseen difficulty had been rescued and rehabilitated they were given an option of education. Fair Fashion was established as a workplace for the woman who choose to be tailors. They are treated fairly and given opportunity to start their own businesses, but they like to stay at Fair Fashion because the pay is so good.